We are Hire Solutions, located at 2 Albion Street Warwick and would like to inform you about how we can help you with your next Function or Fund Raiser.

We can cover all Event needs from a Teaspoon to Spit Oven, Napkin to a Portable Shower.

Having been in the Hire Business for a lot of years, we know when an Event is being held you have to find extra table and chairs in particular.
We have a large number of chairs and different size tables to choose from to meet your shortages. Other Special Items that we can supply are, Catering Equipment, Glassware, Sound & Lighting, Generators, Heating & Cooling, Linen, Crockery/Cutlery Fairy Floss/Pop-Corn Machines, Jumping Castles, Coldrooms and Toilets.


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